5 Campus support services used by the Leaders and Best _ University of Michigan Office of Undergraduate Admissions

5 Campus support services used by the Leaders and Best

Part of the reason Wolverines are so successful is because they know when to ask for help. U-M has a robust list of campus support services to help students in a myriad of ways. Better yet, all of these services are free! Read through the list, check out the services’ websites, and start thinking about the ones you want to check out once you’re on campus.


SuccessConnects is a holistic support program focused on ensuring your academic, personal, and social success at Michigan. SuccessConnects promotes opportunities to excel in the undergraduate experience, ranging from networking and professional development to study skills and study abroad opportunities, while giving students a community of scholars and leaders amongst whom they can thrive. One-on-one personalized Success coaching, academic https://stat.utexas.edu/ resources such as tutoring, research-paper writing support and collaborative study spaces, and community-based Success Labs and social outings throughout the year are all a part of the program.

CEW + (Center for the education of Women +)

CEW+ navigates circumstantial barriers by providing academic, financial, and professional support to help Wolverines reach their personal potential. Established to support women through higher education, we lift up women and all underserved communities at U-M and beyond. Through career and education counseling, funding, workshops, events, and a diverse, welcoming community, CEW+ exists to empower.

Sweetland Center for Writing

Located at 1310 North Quad, Sweetland offers one-to-one writing support to all students of any major who are at any stage in their writing process. There are two ways at Sweetland for undergraduates to get face-to-face writing help: the Peer Writing Center and its campus-wide satellite locations, and the Writing Workshop.

U-M Mentorship Program

U-M can feel overwhelming. Mentorship helps campus feel smaller by providing support during your transition into college. Build leadership skills that help you create a home and community at U-M. After your freshman year, you can apply to return as a Peer Mentor and offer support for incoming freshmen!


Campus Involvement

The Center for Campus Involvement is a dynamic, student-focused department that serves undergraduate and graduate students campus wide through its programs and student organization support. The Center recognizes and supports over 1,400 student organizations through education, advising, advocacy and a number of services. The Center also implements over 300 co-curricular programs each year, including, but not limited to, cultural and educational programs, films, art exhibits, UMix Late Night, athletic/spirit activities, and various performance groups and concerts.


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